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  • NavyField World Tournament 2019(updated rules)

    01. 22. 2019 15:06 PST

The last round of NavyField World Cup has already passed for over 8 years, players from all around the world played for honor, we still remember all the smokes, fires, attack sounds, and also the wonderful matches showing best of the best skills.


In 2019, NavyField: Fleet Mission will hold the tournament again, exciting moment will come again along with the sound of turrets and smokes…..


NavyField: Fleet Mission tournament will have multiple seasons, the rules for season 1 is Single Elimination, top 3 teams in each season will join the 2019 final season to fight for the honor and of course the ultimate prize.


NavyField: Fleet Mission will award Top 3 teams in each season with:

Champion: 5000 RMB (around $745 USD) and 5000 KPcoin

1st Runner up: 2500RMB (around $372 USD) and 2500 KPcoin

2nd Runner up: 1000 RMB (around $149 USD) and 1000 KPcoin

All Captains, let’s fight for the honor!


Season 1 Rules:

1. Accept Fleet registration with 10 members as a team, same Fleet can register more than one team, however, same ID cannot be registered in different team.

2. [Free mode] If Fleet do not have 10 members to register as a team, you can considering combine multiple fleets to register as a team and do not need be under same Fleet Logo.

3. Disconnected within the first minute after battle started can request referee for a battle restart, however Ships/Equipment change are prohibited in the restarted battle. If disconnect happens after the first minute of battle, battle will continue.

4. Battle time is 30 minutes. If desync occurs or other arguments happens, result will be based on server data and information from referee, subject to final decisions of Referee/TeamFM members.

5. Tournament Map (No Way Out 1 / Blue Ocean)

6. Bug exploit is strictly prohibited, if referee issue 2 warnings during the battle, the team will lose the match immediately.

7. Battle will start when 7 out of 10 members show up, if less than 7 members show up then the team will lose automatically. If both teams run out of torpedo/shell, they should report to the referee, the game will end up as draw. Additional match will be hold and time will be decided later on.

8. All game rules apply, if anyone intended to disrupt the tournament, the player will be restricted from playing tournament for 1 year.


Ship requirements:

1.     BB6.5/CV6.5 or below can be used in the battle. Note that either Kitakami/Kuma kai/Kuma will be considered as same ship and cannot be duplicated in the same battle.

2.     Ship arrangement in battle: 2CV + 2BB + 1CA + 2CL + 2DD + 1FF/1SS. **Same nation BB and CV cannot be used in same battle. Also, Black pearl/Turtle ship/Duck(Project X-D)/Christmas APA/Xmas Rodney are prohibited to join the battles.

3. Escort, APA and Unique ship (Habour ship) are prohibited.

4. All ships R-slots are not allowed to equip Hedgehog.

5. Each class and each ship need to be different in the same battle, for example, 1 BB6.5+1BB6, CANNOT be both BB are 6.5 tier.

6.     Only CL or below can use smoke bomb during the battle.

7.     All IJN remodel CVs and Atago are prohibited to join the battle.



CV can ONLY bring 1 fighter pilot onboard, the fighter squadron must be labelled as number 1. There are no restriction for other pilots, but they must bring airplanes and bomb.


Battle arrangement:

The battle schedule will be announced after the registration period, we will consider the time zone of all players, please check the relative post for update. 


Registration period:

The First Season registration period start from 20-01-2019 00:00 to 10-02-2019 23:59 Local Server Time (19-01-2019 09:00 to 10-02-2019 08:59 PST)

Registration page : 

Match table :

Registration Process:
1.     Create Account


2.     Fill in all the information

 After created the account, register a new team 

Then, fill in the team information and description and save

4.     Sign up in the tournament

5.     After sign up at the tournament, you can check your team information here.

6.     Add/remove the members of your team

Please note that all the member need to register in here in order to participle in the tournament.

After register the team members, the registration process is completed.



    01. 22. 2019 19:23 PST


 what is RMB


    01. 22. 2019 21:29 PST


Originally Posted by opnite

 what is RMB

RMB=renminbi (folk money) - monetary unit of China.


    01. 23. 2019 01:11 PST


Is there any information available about the times at which these games will be held?

Fixed Time tables during a weekend (people still need to work besides playing nf),
Will these times be eu / us player friendly?

or is a certain match to be arranged by 2 parties during a certain timespan of their chosing? 


    01. 24. 2019 02:40 PST


4.     Battle is 30 minutes, all the desync are check and base on the information of the referee.
What happens, if battle lasts 30 mins? How the winner is determined? (I know it is unlikely, but the limit exists -> there should be some result)

5.     Maps (No Way Out 1 / Blue Ocean)
How the map is defined? Random?

2. ... + 1FF or 1SS
Do I understand right that a team may use either 1FF or 1SS, e.g. 1SS5.5 or PSS?
Is 1SS5.5 considered as "CL or below", so it may use smoke bombs?

5.     Each class and each ship cannot be show up in the same battle, for example, 1 BB6.5+1BB6, cannot be both BB are 6.5 tier.
By "class" you mean "tier"?
If so, what's going to be with CA/CL/DD, which are allowed 2, but they have no tiers -> the same tier for all.
So is it allowed to use 2 Kitakami?
Is it allowed to use Kitakami and Kuma-kai?
Where the classes may be found? Is it allowed to use EBB6 and BB6? Which class do recently introduced carriers belong to?

7.     All IJN remodel CVs, Atago are prohibited to join the battle.
Could you write it a bit more clearly. Does it mean:
- all IJN remodel CVs are allowed, but Atago is prohibited?
- all IJN remodel CVs and Atago are prohibited?


    02. 17. 2019 07:28 PST




    02. 25. 2019 04:14 PST


So I noticed some inconsistency between the chinese and english version of this tournament rules days ago. The chinese version explicitly states that CV can carry UP TO 1 fighter pilot, and the fighter pilot must be numbered as the first squadron (e.g. your fighter pilot must be the first pilot from the left side of your support sailor slots) for the ease of real-time identification by the referee. I'm not sure if any mod or gm will correct the english version but my friend sent a support ticket regarding this issue and was confirmed that the chinese version is the correct one. 
In case they won't correct it, if you're reading this please inform your fleet members and other participants about the mistranslation to avoid confusion during the tournament.