HA Infomation
  Are you willing to share NavyField with your nearest friends or families?
  Try the new Premium invitation program! Your friend will receive 2 weeks of free premium subscription.
  After that, if your friend decides to keep on playing NavyField with premium subscriptions,
  both you and your friend will receive several gifts!
When you purchase/recieve a premium subscription, you’ll receive three premium invitation cards per one month premium subscription also. Send the Invitation card to your friend’s email which includes the verification code and link for the premium invitation.
Your friend will be able to register this code at the event page after making a new account.
The 2 weeks of premium subscription will be given as soon as the code is registered successfully.
(The account has to be registered after the invitation card is sent.)

- Notice
  1. The invitation should be sent to an email that is not registered on NavyField.
  2. Premium invitation cards will not stack over 5 cards.
  3. Sleeping Accounts cannot use the invitation system.
  4. You cannot receive invitation cards from gifted Subscriptions.
If your friend decides to play NavyField after the free premium subscription, there will be additional gifts for both accounts when your friend purchases 3 months of Premium Subscriptions.

- Gift for you : You will be able to choose an EBB (Not including newly added), or select a pack of premium item set we have prepared.
                          You can choose one type from
                            A. 1 month Premium subscription
                            B. Experts+100(x2)(4EA) + Veterans+10(x2)(1EA)
                            C. 1 H.Q. Expansion

- Gift for your friend : Your friend will be able to choose one of the premium ships that are currently sold in the N.F
                                       Store. (PCA, PCL, PCV, PBB from any nation.)

- Notice
  1. Your friend has to purchase 3 months of Premium Subscription to be eligible for the gifts.
  2. Gifts can be redeemed after 1 month from the accept of invitation.
Invite Friend Submit Code Redeem your gift