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If you want to sell one of your sailors for credits, or wish to find a specific sailor for a new ship tree, you can fulfill your requirements by trading with other players. Please be aware that account-tied sailors including Bridge Operator or Radiomen, and purchased items cannot be traded. There are two ways to trade in Navy Field, - the trade room and the trade system.
The trade system allows you to register your sailor or ship on an open market where all players from your server can buy or sell their belongings. By clicking the ‘Trade’ button located in the upper right corner of your shipyard screen, you will be shown a list of sailors/ships/bundles that are currently registered and awaiting a new owner.
You can purchase any of these items immediately if you like them, and the sale price will be deducted from your H.Q. fund. In case you want to sell any of your ships or sailors, open the ‘H.Q.’ to register a sale. Remember that every sale requires a 5% sale commission.
Besides the function of storing items, the H.Q. plays an important role if you want to use the trade system. All commissions and payments will take place through the H.Q. so always ensure that you have enough funds available in your H.Q. The H.Q. may be expanded with an Expansion Item in case you want to store more items, or sell more items through the Trade System.
If you want to trade with a specific person, or make a free trade without commission with a friend, you can use the trade room. To do this, you must leave your shipyard and go to the trade area (located on the NF world map). The other person you want to trade with has to meet you in the same room. Using trade rooms you can easily make a 1:1 trade.
We have faced many cases where trading has been used for scamming, cheating, or unfair trades. Before making a trade or purchase with the trade system, make sure that you have completely checked all stats/spec of the sailor/ship, and that the price is reasonable for you. By making a direct trade, it also helps to keep the dialog and trade agreement in the form of a screenshot in order to avoid any accidents.